Monday, April 15, 2013 and Uta no Prince sama nendoroid petit review

Hi guys!

So for my first real post I decided to review the nendoroid petit I received a few days ago from the anime Uta no Prince sama.

I had been seeing them on ebay for a while now but due to their high price I was hesitant. I wanted to buy the whole set. not only one of the figures. So after searching for a while I found a website that was selling a box of 8 figures for around 70-80 bucks. I found it fair since on ebay they are 30$ each, which is way too overpriced.

The website I used to buy the nendoroids is
I had never used that website before so I was a bit nervous. The reviews were kinda mixed but the bad ones were almost always about pre-orders, which was not the case of what I wanted to buy. I gave it a try and chose the SAL shipping method to avoid high costs.

SAL method is supposed to be slow but it only took around a week and a half before I received the figures. The parcel was tracked too, which is always reassuring.

On to the actual product now!
The box was packed in a very secure way.

The Uta no prince sama nendoroid come as a box of 8 figures. I heard that you always get all models in one box, but there could be exceptions.

There was supposed to be 6 characters but, to my surprise, there was a bonus character. I was very pleased with that. Each character comes with a small stand, which was a pain to assemble. But once you get the hang out of it, it's not that bad. I almost broke the first stand I assembled, but since I have an extra nendoroid, I could use his stand to compensate for my failure. They are approximately 7cm each including the base.

Here are some pictures to show how cute and well made these nendoroid petit are! I'm very pleased with the amount of details. Some of the characters even came with accessories.

From left to right:
Masato and Otoya

 Shou and Ren

 Natsuki and Tokiya

And the bonus character, Cecil!

I got and extra Masato as the additional character of the box. I'll probably end up giving it to a friend.

While my favorite character is Otoya, my favorite figure is Natsuki... his glasses are just too cute!

Overall, this product is well worth the price. I'm just a beginner at collecting figures, but I'd say these are a nice addition to any collection.

I hope you liked the review!


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